Our Quality Policy


The leadership of CERTA Ltd. makes every effort in order that the quality of castings we produce always meets the market demands.

To keep and strengthen the customer confidence, we operate quality management systems as follows

ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016

All CERTA Ltd. employees are committed to doing quality work.

Each employee of CERTA Ltd. is committed to do their best to achieve the goals which are determined in the quality policy and quality goals as well as to take part in the continuous quality improvement of the activities done.

During our work we make every effort to be able to perform our delivery schedule and to fulfill the customer’s requirements. Our goal is to produce products without defect by a continuous improvement of our quality management system. Our slogan:

Do the right thing at the right time!!!

All employees identify with this principle and therefore follow it in their relations with internal and also external customers.

Our goal is to expand contacts with our suppliers, colleagues and customers by reducing time for feedback and initiating direct contacts.

Our aim is to improve our situation in the general and automobile market through a rentable business which assures a continuous improvement, thereby we can satisfy the financial and personal needs of our colleagues. This quality policy is complemented with the company’s Code of Ethics.

ISO 9001 Certificate download

IATF Certificate download

For us the customers’ requirements are very important, these determine the whole production process from the planning up to the delivery on schedule, as the quality of our products is the basis for customer’s confidence.

Our quality assurance system:

  • controls our operational processes,
  • assures customer satisfaction,
  • makes contribution to assure the reliability of our production processes,
  • makes possible to detect the defect and take appropriate action.

At our company the out coming of all products and activities can be checked before delivery.

The aim of our company is to achieve or – at least – to be as close as possible to the „0” –defect level by continuous and thorough investigations.