Products and services of our firm are related to light metals. We manufacture products from aluminum and zinc raw materials, primarily based on the orders of our customers.

In order to fulfill the orders of our customers promptly and perfectly, we have a modern tool manufacturing plant of our own, strong technical support and a decade-long experience (know-how) in our professional area.

Our most important advantages are flexibility and reliability.

We are ready to react to the requests of our clientsquickly and effectively, we can keep deadlines and we are able to manufacture top quality products.The fact that our firm owns an all-inclusive system of vertical technologies helps a lot in achieving this.

From manufacturing the tool needed for producing the product (during this process it may happen that we join the product development process of our client)  to the assembly of the finished product we have all the assets and professional skills needed to achieve product qualities required by our customers.


Our customer relationships are characterized by close cooperation; they consider us as a development partner as we are participating actively in product development, process optimization and implementing customized technical solutions