In the tool plant of our own, in addition to maintaining and repairing the tools needed for manufacturing aluminum and zinc products, we undertake the manufacture of new aluminum and zinc casting tools containing cold and hot chambers, the related cutting tools and single purpose machining machines. We manufacture the aforementioned products with lead times between 8-12 weeks from the date of the order, depending on the complexity of the subject tool.

With the assistance of our skilled 4-member designer team, we help our customers in developing the optimal structure of their product from casting point of view, in selecting the proper casting alloy and in developing the most favorable and cost effective production technology as well.

Our designers do their work by using Pro/Engenieer-Wildfire 5 and Esprit design software and a NovaFlow casting simulation system.

Wide production experience of our staff, the applied design systems and the application of the most advanced production technology methods make it possible for us to give a warranty of 100 000 and 250 000 shots for the aluminum and zinc casting tools manufactured by us, respectively.