OPTEN Informatics Ltd. which has been a major player of the business and legal information market since 1994, grants “A” Qualification to the above mentioned company!
The owner of this Certificate is one of the most reliable members of business; the financial
risk of having a business relationship with this company is extremely low!
certa kft
János Farkas became the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 in B.A.Z. county.
The Metal Industrial Enterprise Of The Year was the Certa Ltd.

Family Day’s events.
We celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Certa Ldt. on 09.08.2015.with a wonderful Family Day. The event was closed by a sightful laser-show..
 Certa Ltd. 15th anniversary. certa15a
Christmas at Certa Ltd.
The Certa Ltd. received the “BOKIK’s Eminent Business Association” prize
Our workers’ dressing-rooms were modernized from 45 million HUF own resources.
The social rooms were implemented with modern, energy saving equipments and exhaust fans in 450 m2.
Participation of our firm’s the team in the cooking competitions organized in the neighboring settlements:
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Building a new part of the production hall, installing a new smelter furnace:
By means of a proposal, won within the framework of the tendering system named Új Széchenyi Terv (New Széchenyi Plan), Certa Kft. has implemented a capital investment project value of which exceeded HUF 600 million.

Arriving the new casting machine of 560 tons:

Certa Kft. participates in the Ultragassing and Doshormat projects financed by the European Union; these projects are aimed at improving the quality of aluminum alloys by using a degassing tool operating with ultrasound: