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You can trust our mold!
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It’s our pleasure to welcome you on our corporate website!

The Certa Kft. is one of the oldest, largest and the most multi-faceted foundry in Hungary. Its top market position is based on more than 50 years (of) experience in zinc die casting. In the last few years aluminium die casting has bigger and bigger role in our activity.

We offer complete solutions for our customers:

Close co-operation and common product development, continuous optimization of the parts and mechanical counsel from tool design, through casting (high-pressure die casting and gravity casting), machining and surface treatment to final product. (covering total technological chain- A to Z)

Manufacturing, development and design are managed by high-qualified professionals and are used by the most modern technology.

The only goal of the company during these 50 years has been the following: to satisfy our customers’ requests on the highest possible level, independently of the demanded method – high pressure die-casting, surface treatment or tool design and manufacturing. Our missions are continuously developing our technical level, keeping our flexibility, increasing our buyers’ trust and satisfaction.

You can trust our mold!

Covering the total technological chain

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