We practice Al and Zn high pressure die casting and gravity casting in our foundry.

Weight of casted parts:

Zinc alloy: 3 – 2500 g,

Aluminium alloy: 50 – 2000 g

Beside the traditional technical products, you can find the pressure tight and the decorative castings as well.

Currently we cast zinc alloys with

11 pcs FRECH –, MUTAL- and CLT – type, 7,5 – 400 t closing force die casting machines,

aluminium alloys with

7 pcs horizontal FRECH-, BÜHLER-, IDRA-, – WEINGARTEN type,
180 – 560 t closing force and
1 pc vertical TRIULZI- type
280 t  closing force die casting machines.

Annual raw material consumption:

Zinc: 600 tones

Aluminium: 800 tones